A Mostly British Obsession

Ready to Leave

The E-Type has found a new home, and I hope the new owner gets a lot of enjoyment out of it! It’s a bittersweet moment, but unfortunately the car had to go as the hole dug getting it finished really needs to be filled in.

Here, the hardtop is in place, but said hardtop needs to be completed–the new owner will be completing that part of the restoration themselves. Depending on how much is left in the “car kitty” once all of the smoke clears, hopefully a new “inmate” here at Rusty Keep will appear soon!


  1. Kevin C.

    What a journey it has been. Well done. So, what new millstone are you sniffing around for?

  2. Chris Keen

    Well done, but sorry to see it go, it sure made for some beautiful pictures, even in the dark days of battling trim bits. ..


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