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Creative Rear Mount…

I guess it’s like building a bridge: You can support the weight from below, or suspend the weight from above.

There is a huge chunk of that rear cover missing. What violence happened that led to that? That much force within the car and the whole thing would be splinters. I suspect it was dropped from a bench (or something like that).


  1. Don Scott

    Having bought a few cars sight-unseen, and then nearly having heart failure upon seeing them arrive on a trailer, I must ask you: “Is your Morgan a pleasant surprise, or a big disappointment?”

  2. jeffrey groves

    I thought that was the wind howling a few nights ago, but quite obviously it was the sound of you screaming at the sight of satans Moggie! hope you like her, but for my own part, words fail me. MY next investment would be a fully loaded Webley .455 & head on down to Georgia! just a suggestion, of course…. happy Xmas & Boxing Day a jolly good ’16. cheers, J.

  3. Kevin C.

    I also saw blood on the moon the other night and remarked to myself,” Roger’s Morgan has made landfall on Whidbey Island.” I’ve always loved Morgans in their romanticized form, but actually owning one? Well….maybe. We must be careful what we wish for lest we become our own version of The Monkey’s Paw. One thing is for certain, this Morgan is fortunate you are the new owner as improvements are sorely wanting and will most certainly be addressed to a high standard.


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