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Minor Repairs Needed

This car is a bit tougher than I hoped (or paid for, really). But it will come together. The entire right side of the car shows various amounts of poorly repaired accident damage, and I’ll be putting that right. I have a new chassis on order, this one is both in tough shape on the side you’re looking at and cracked on the other side.

Anyone have any guesses about the hole in the scuttle? Maybe a heater was there at some point?

Most disappointing discovery so far has to be the front wing on this side, which I suspect will come back from the media blaster looking pretty grim. The “rust” on the front is from the leaking radiator, which isn’t a great color for cooling water to be. I’m hopeful the engine is OK (it sounded fine running) but that is definitely not something you want to see.


  1. Kevin C.

    You have indeed been busy. Must be fun, though. At least the design is not overly complex and the bits are mostly available. What are you going to do about the dash (firewall) plaques?

  2. jeffrey groves

    well, at least the tyres were decent… wait a minute.. and yes, it most certainly had a heater… and a glove box, courage!! and thank God for strong drink! J.


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