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Well, I’ve almost got the Morgan +4 down to its rather aged and victimized elements, and the picture is not particularly rosy, though we’ll make it right in the end. I feel only mildly foolish for buying a car needed complete restoration which was billed as a decent driving car, but such are the perils of buying sight-unseen!

Below is a quick overview of the condition of the chassis and major steel components. In a word: pretty tough!


Above is the firewall. What’s frustrating to me about this piece:it isn’t really all that rotten, just a bit in the lower corner that you can see here. That is, if you ignore the top, where the rubber mat was glued in the toolbox. I have no idea if this is common, or if the mat is even supposed to be glued, but what a weird place to turn to Swiss cheese. In addition, you can see a cat door or something similar in the passenger foot well. Maybe an oddball heater of some sort? Anyway, not sure if this is salvageable for less than a new one, and have no idea how accurate new ones are.

Moving on to the chassis:


There is a chassis number, so that’s something, I guess. Mind you, it’s sitting next to this:


Which, in its glory, is not even connected on the left side. So it failed to do what it was “supposed” to do and it’s ugly as crap, with the workmanship of a mentally-challenged bonobo, with all the benefits hard-mounting the engine without isolation has on drive-ability. Heckuva job.


Just behind it is the “repair” of the right spring mount. As seen below as well, this entire side of the chassis is distorted in numerous places.


It’s hard to see in my photo, but that bolt is pointing at the corner of the driver’s foot well!


Crack one of many, above, is on the left side, right in front of the transmission cross-member.


Crack two of many is in front of the firewall cross-member on the right side.


The exhaust opening has been carefully altered…who am I kidding. Someone gave the bonobo some speed and a plasma cutter.


Crack three of many, this is the front right of the chassis, where the suspension mounts. Incidentally, nearly every suspension bolt was loose or missing on this side!


The pièce de résistance is this, the welding of the removable front-suspension sub-frame to the chassis…on one side. Which essentially precludes re-using this sub-frame. So, of the chassis, firewall, and front-suspension sub-frame, I am fortunate to be able to use…none of them. Yay!

Next time, we’ll have just as much fun looking at the fenders, and other steel skin panels.


  1. D. VanRijn

    A Morgan owner must maintain a sense of humor, humility, and a credit card. My car is going on 30 years old, and even though it looks great from above, I’m always expecting a total frame off replacement is due sometime in the near future. Now I know who to call.

  2. jeffrey groves

    gin & tonic { both my b-g.t. AND the drink } are looking much better every time I visit this site… & ask Van Rijn if he can spare you a few Guilders! J.

  3. Kevin C.

    “Decent driving car” is a relative term. Even a terminally ill patient can have a good deal of “function” in their last days. It will be a great car once again.


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