There is yet another motorcycle in the shop, this one made in USA and based around a Harley sportster 1200cc motor. I’ve been wanting to try an “adventure” bike (Triumph Tiger, etc) for awhile and my pal Ted let me know his Ulysses was going cheap, so, having no self-control, I bought it from him.

I knew the pickup would come in handy!

Right now it’s a non-runner…something to do with the throttle position sensor, Ted thinks. The machine came with a fair number of spares and extras, including a factory shop manual and some other bits and bobs which should help get it back into service soon. Watch this space, as they say.

Once my friend’s MG Magnette departs, there might even be room for it in here!

Overall it’s in pretty good condition, with 25,000 or so miles on it. Some scuffs on the right hand side from a parking lot topple. As of sitting here typing this up, I’ve had it for an hour so haven’t had a chance to even clean it yet (mr. dog requires some quality time, and then there are a couple of solid days of work on the MG, so maybe the end of the week).

Bags off.

I’m excited to get it running and see what it’s like! (Updated post to reflect this is apparently a 2006 Ulysses and not a 2007.)