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What happened in 2023?

Sorry to have been absent for such a long time, but I did almost nothing on my own projects this past year, instead helping an E-Type owner reassemble his 4.2 fixed-head coupe, as seen above. We’re not quite done yet, but hopefully another month or so will see it drive away under its own power.

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Adding A Two Post Lift

When I first moved into Rusty Keep the plan was to put a two-post lift into the shop. Finally, 12 years later, I spotted a used one I could afford on craigslist which just so happened to coincide with the sale of the Suzuki–so I even had cash to complete the sale. This is the story of installing this beast, no easy task since everything is heavy and needs to go far up into the air.

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2006 Buell Ulysses

There is yet another motorcycle in the shop, this one made in USA and based around a Harley sportster 1200cc motor. I’ve been wanting to try an “adventure” bike (Triumph Tiger, etc) for awhile and my pal Ted let me know his Ulysses was going cheap, so, having no self-control, I bought it from him.

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Clutch Finally Done on BSA

Well, after an adventure chasing parts, finding some NOS 70-year-old bits on shelves all over North America, and doing a bit of a bodge, the BSA is back together and (hopefully) ready for riding again. You can see the supervisor of this work is pretty unimpressed in the photo above, but what does he know? Inside are a bunch of parts pictures if you like that sort of thing!

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Clutch Woes on BSA

I think another consequence of my “benign neglect” of the BSA has surfaced: The clutch started slipping, just as I was headed out on the first real ride in years on it. You can see by the photo above that I dismantled the primary case to investigate.

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Time to knock the rust out of the BSA tank…again. Third time in 20 years, at irregular intervals. The lining has failed again, and I don’t think I’m going to bother re-lining it this time. Just get the rust out and try to ride it and keep the tank full. Apologies about being able to see your non-influencer-looking author in the reflection!

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Getting the BSA Running Again

I haven’t ridden the A10 BSA in a few years…I got fed up with the difficult “warm start” situation so just let it sulk in the corner instead. Now I’m paying the price, as the tank is filled with stale gas and the carb was completely gummed up. As a consequence, I have the tank off to drain the crud and have the carb off to give it a clean. I will probably do a few other maintenance items, like an oil change and brake adjustment, while I’m at it.

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