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Series 1 XJ6.

Cold Jag

[flickr id=”8377982327″ thumbnail=”original” overlay=”false” size=”original” group=”” align=”none”]Just a few shots of the XJ6 on a cold afternoon. Excuse the photo quality, my phone isn’t too great at low light stuff!
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XJ6 Secondary Throttle Removal

Carburetor-equipped XJ6s have a somewhat oddball throttle setup–a light push on the gas opens the butterfly in the carb, but the charge is routed through a convoluted path in a secondary manifold (as seen above) in order to heat it up. In the photo, the port on the left has had the throttle shaft and plate removed, but you can see the opening for this pre-heat passage on the inner wall.
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Family Snapshot

This may be the dorkiest thing I’ve done for awhile, but my life is essentially a string of dorky endeavors. I washed my wife’s car, which made me think I should wash the XJ6, which led to me washing a seagull bomb off the MG, which had me thinking the truck hadn’t been washed since last year…so everything got hosed down. (The bikes were out because I was moving stuff around in the shop.) Why not roll out the E-Type? Somewhere in that sequence it passed from “understandable” to “dorky”; in any case, this was the result.

Just the XJ6

1973 Jaguar XJ6

A shot after the last time I washed it, a couple of weeks back. It is much grimier now. I think I got a fantastic deal on this machine, it had some issues (and still has a few things to sort out) but it’s a fun, pleasant machine to drive…and look at.

Seven Inch Headlights

[flickr id=”6459187143″ thumbnail=”original” overlay=”false” size=”original” group=”” align=”none”]Finally got a set of used 7″ headlight trims from the UK. The trim pieces aren’t great, but a lot better than the first set I received. The swap was pretty easy to do, though the generic plastic headlight buckets I sourced might get swapped for a Lucas set if I ever get ambitious.
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In the Shop, November 2011

Here’s the inside of the shop, as you can see I haven’t done a whole lot with the organization of the space. (You can click for a larger image.)
Shop interior
I hope to build in some cabinets and what-not this winter, mainly on the wall where I have a couple of ancient Ferrari posters tacked up (I found a stash from ages ago…anyone for a 1980’s Testarossa poster? I managed to put that one back in the tube). I did get casters onto the metal work tables, they’re now handy for moving close to the action or allowing access to all sides of an unwieldy project.
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Fall XJ6

1973 Jaguar XJ6 Series 1

Took a few photos of the XJ6 after giving all of the cars baths today. My 7″ headlamp conversion pieces are on the way, so this may be the last set of photos with the standard US lights. Some additional, very similar, photos after the jump.
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New Headliner in XJ6

1973 Jaguar XJ6, new headliner

It only took slightly longer than painting the Forth Bridge, but I have the new headliner installed in the Jaguar. I also rebuilt the headrests and re-glued the fabric on the back of the front seats. I think it all looks fine though, as with most things I do, doesn’t bear too close an inspection.
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Exhaust Manifold Helicoil Repair

Warning: Unless you like mechanical stuff, this will be the most boring post ever.
[flickr id=”6213864834″ thumbnail=”original” overlay=”false” size=”original” group=”” align=”none”]The exhaust on my “new” XJ6 leaked pretty badly where the manifolds joined the downpipes, and for good reason: The studs that were installed (in one of the few bodges on the car) were at least an inch too long. There was no way for the “donut” gaskets to be clamped tightly, and (surprise!) they leaked. In the process of removing the too-long studs, I discovered three of the tapped holes were stripped, one on the front manifold and two on the back. Shown above are the repaired manifolds with new studs (temporary, see end note). Below we’ll take a peek how I repaired the threads.
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New Arrival: 1973 Jaguar XJ6

1973 Jaguar XJ6

I have wanted an early “low bumper” XJ6 for a long time, and this car caught my eye on the local CL. Despite having had two owners in the last six months, both quite young, it was a one-owner car before that. Even in the crappy photos it looked pretty original. I like original!
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