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Goldie! Great old truck.

Winter Wonderland

1968 Ford F250

We were promised a local blizzard and we got…nothing. This is a photo from last year when we got a few inches of snow. (The amount you see here is enough to send all of western Washington state into a panic, with such curiousities as people chaining up on bare roads, abandoned cars in the middle of slushy but otherwise OK roads, etc., etc. It really is quite amusing.)

Parted from this Vale

Dump Run w 1968 F250

I finally got rid of the rusty body shell from the “parts MGB” today. I had to surrender the title to do so, which I guess is proper–but also flushes my idea of finding a decent shell to put the saved mechanicals in. (Not that I’m ever going to get around to that, realistically.) So, with that, I’m going to remove 1964 MGB #2 from my current list–a victory for common sense, alas.

Shown in the photo is the trailer I part-own with my neighbor. It’s a neat design, all aluminum, so it’s pretty easy to haul. Need to do something with the sleazy wheels that are on it, though.

New Bumper…Last July

1968 Ford F250

I guess I should get around to updating this blog more frequently at all. Goldie is still going great, a wonderful old truck. I put a new bumper on last summer, which improved the looks from the back about 100%. I’m now in the process of putting in a new brake controller and a receiver-style hitch to haul around the car trailer, which I’ll undoubtedly be using to ferry more of my precious junk hither and yon.

Truck has passed 100,000 miles now. That’s only 2,500 miles a year–mind you, that’s also 10,000 gallons of gas, so that might be part of the reason for the low mileage.

Clean Up at Tax Time

1968 Ford F250

Taken on Tax Day 2006, in the bed of my truck is the last few possessions we have–an old steel cable and a bunch of half-rotted pallets–on their way to the Internal Revenue Service office in lieu of payment of our debt…


1968 Ford F250

My “new” truck–a wonderful time capsule, and I like the copper color more every time I see it. “Goldie” is a 1968 F250 Camper Special, very similar to my previous one, except that this machine has led a quiet, well-cared-for life, and it shows. The interior is immaculate and while the paint has seen better days, it’s still reasonable considering it is 38 years old!

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