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Discovery Update

Not much to report. I’ve put about 16,500 miles on the Disco since picking it up, and it has been a pretty good car. As you can see by the (crappy-taken-at-twilight) photo, it doesn’t get washed all that often, alas.

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GS550 Clean Up

Tried the same damp rag on the Suzuki with less effect, but that’s to be expected, it’s twoscore years older than the R6 and undoubtedly has had a fair bit more sitting around in sketchy conditions in its life.

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More Motorcycles

Thanks to a friend looking to clean out their garage, there are a couple of new motorcycles here at Rusty Heaps HQ–both need some work but are interesting bikes which will be amusing to try and coax back into life, hopefully on the “cheap”.

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Bonnie Pieces Slowly Gathering

As seen above, I have now aquired the correct front wheel for the 1970 Triumph, complete with brake and axle. I also found (some time ago) a complete 1970 fork which was rebuilt, so now just a front fender and brackets will complete the front end of this machine.

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1970 Triumph Bonneville

My good friend Jack offered me his 1970 Bonnie, as he doesn’t really see himself getting around to recommissioning it, and needs the space…so here it is, washed up on the shores of Isle de Rust. (Not that I need another project, but it’s a neat old bike, which a good friend owned for more than 20 years–I’ll be pleased to give it a new lease on life.)

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2020 So Far: Inactivity Merit Badge Achieved

So…I rescued a dog in February, a border collie (mix, I think) named Brodie. Since then, I have essentially spent most of my time hanging with him, and absolutely none out in the shoppe doing anything useful on any of the vehicles! But I have washed nearly everything with wheels on it in the last month, so here’s some shots of the stable being hosed down, with the help of the pupper.

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Elan Coupe

My friend just picked up this nice original Elan Coupe. Looking sharp in Bahama Yellow (I think that’s the color, anyway).


This issue seems to follow me around, that is, the front sheet metal of my cars invariably is pretty wonky. Case in point is the Morgan, where the fenders are quite different from each other. I’m not sure, given my “talents”, whether I’ll be able to unwonkify it.

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