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My Feet Aren’t Even That Big

The worst part of driving this car home (aside from the sheer terror as I realized what a rolling wreck it was), was that I absolutely could not get my foot past the brake pedal to the accelerator, and vice-versa. It was worse than no brakes, really. Today I decided to fix that problem with what seems to be an effective, if Frankensteinian, bodge.

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Door #1

This door frame is done, with only a couple of very minor glitches. Fits pretty well, though I need to rebuild the hinges…at $75 each, not really excited at the prospect of new ones.

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So, the above incomplete door frame has taken me probably 20 hours to get to where I am. It’s really fiddly. I think the remainder of the other door, which needs the armrest and bottom pieces cut, fit, and then shaped, will probably go a bit faster.

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I Think the Bandsaw Can Rest

I have to add fasteners to the door post on the right side and move the dash “hoop” up about 1/4″. And that’s it for “cut boards and put them in approximately the right place”.

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The wood frame is actually bolted to the car, though the frame is not yet glued together.

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Not a lot of progress recently, just lots of time spent on things outside of Rusty Keep. But I got a little time to work on the frame…and discovered my angle at the front was R-O-N-G…by a degree. Mind, if you just put the sill board on, I had the right angle. But put the whole tub on the chassis, and it’s off. 19 degrees, not 20.

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Rockers in Progress

As usual, I’ve made more sawdust than pieces in this process, but this set is looking pretty good so far. Still have some final shaping/cutting of slots to receive the door post/madness to go.

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Plywood Storage

This was today’s accomplishment. Not absolutely satisfied with the fit and gaps, but I’ll adjust those on final-glue-up. This “completes” the rear frame, next step: front hoop. But I’ll put it back on the car first. Sadly, this is now pretty awkward for one person to handle, so that will be…interesting.

Almost done…with rear half

Remaining bits of the back include the fuel tank cover (vertical plywood piece, attached to small blocks and top rail) and the floor in front of that (again, plywood). The rear cross-piece here needs some additional machining (holes, relieve the angled edge some more), and there are a couple of small blocks behind the door post to hold the seat back and attach the sill trim to which need to be made.

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Moving Forwards

I took two weeks to ride the Triumph down to Utah to see Bryce Canyon and environs, including Hell’s Canyon on the way back home, so progress on the Morgan, such as it is at the best of times, has been slow. But as you can see, I’m moving towards the front.

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