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Slowly making some progress on the rear part of the body. I have the “bustle” mostly done, though of course there are minor errors here and there, and the joinery is not what I hoped. That’s what epoxy is for, right? Right?

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Rails, Mistakes and Dust

A bit more is “done” on the rear body frame, though, as usual, I have made each of the sticks about 200 times…

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Almost Back to Where I Was

By the end of this weekend I might be back to where I thought I was two or three weeks ago, before I discovered how much the wheel arches were off. But first, a look at how much this car is fighting to stay derelict! (Or maybe I’m just projecting…)

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Making Wheel Arches

If practice makes perfect, I’ll eventually be fairly good at making Morgan rear wheel arches. I opted to make a new set after a series of cumulative errors made my previous attempts not really usable. I always tell people my only real skill when it comes to restorations is the willingness to do things over again if I think whatever I did isn’t up to scratch…even if I grumble about it. (And I do!)

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Sticks Slightly Assembled

I have temporarily bolted together a few bits…and I only have a few bits so far because it takes me forever to produce each one!

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Not as Bad as All That

We know two things:

  • The old chassis definitely has the sills attached to the chassis in a different location than they would be on this chassis
  • A rude and crude check with the bonnet, etc., show that this chassis can proceed without needing much adjustment, as far as I can tell.

I think it’s best put this way: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Kindling & Arch Off Form

On a positive note, the arch looks fairly decent and might even be usable, not a given when I’m making stuff. On a down note, I put a lot of work into the sill boards and I suspect they’re so much scrap (or will be cut into smaller pieces).

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Wheel Arch Inner Panels – The Stupiding

My life has passed, and continues forthwith, with a constant low-level nag between my ears that I’ve forgotten something. Sad thing is, the nag is always right. And I usually don’t catch what I should have done until it’s far too late.

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Wheelarch, Take 1

I’ve started on the wheel-arches, having re-sawn some of the very hard ash timber into 1/4″ thick, roughly three-inch-wide boards about six feet long. That will leave me plenty  of length to trim them to size.–though I’m sure I can mess that up! (I measured twice and it’s still too short!)

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As seen in the photo, I have some floors cut and sitting in the Moggie, awaiting paint and fasteners. I also have my rather tough condition transmission tunnel in for an investigatory fit.

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