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If it’s restored, why isn’t it better than it is?

Pushed Up by Flowers

1954 BSA Golden Flash

Did what I could to salvage a cruddy low-light shot of the Beezer, taken this past summer. The Casio Exilim is really awful at low-light–hoping to get a new pocket camera soon.

Leaky Side of the Shop

BSA Golden Flash, MGB GT, MGB, Rover SD1

It’s fairly surprising that there isn’t a contiguous pool of oil covering the floor entirely on this side of the new shop building, especially from the prodigiously leaking pair comprising the SD1 and Reg the MGB roadster. (The BSA leaks, but that doesn’t count; the GT doesn’t leak at all.)
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2010 Isle of Vashon

Main Street near Vashon Theater

It’s been a couple of weeks (!) Since the Isle of Vashon ride. I’ve got to dig through my photos and see if I got anything decent…but someone else (user DoctorWatson on flickr) took this shot of my bike parked up on the main street. It was a good day out, and we didn’t even get rained on!

Summer 2010

1963 MGB, 1968 F250

Sigh…still no shop (or even a garage) and many, many things with wheels (not all pictured). I’m thinking of selling the Ferguson–it seems pretty unlikely at this point that I’ll have a use for it…and it’s overkill for even an acre of lawn. Especially one you don’t want field-tire tracks in.

Family Snapshot

1967 MGB GT and 1954 BSA A10

I did a tremendous amount of work on the GT today…well, OK, I got the license plate lamps working. I took a few minutes afterwards to drive the old girl outside and take some photos, including this one with the BSA. (More after the jump.)
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BSA to Vancouver

1968 Ford F250 1954 BSA A10

I took the BSA up to the Vancouver All British Field Meet at Van Dusen Gardens on Friday. I hadn’t really thought about it, but I suspect the combo above might just be a bit too much gold, like seeing an older couple wearing matching outfits.
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New Sidestand on the Golden Flash

1954 BSA A10 Golden Flash

The “new” side-stand isn’t absolutely correct, but is works and looks far better than the old one, which was from a B40. As a bonus, the bike isn’t in danger of tipping over when on it! Pictured with my prize for winning a BSA photo contest on the seat–a can of BSA engine oil.

I’m taking the BSA up to Vancouver on Friday for the All British Field Meet, drop by and say hello if you end up at Van Dusen.

Whidbey Island European Sports Car Club, February 2010

1954 BSA A10 Golden Flash

The chill did not dissuade me from getting the BSA out of its den and taking it to the first-Saturday-of-the-month meeting of the “Whidbey Island European Sports Car Club,” which isn’t really a club at all, just an open gathering of like-minded folks at Gerry’s Kitchen in Freeland, Washington. We had a pretty good turnout of interesting machines, such as…
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2009 Isle of Vashon Ride

Thoroughly enjoyed a ride today with my friends in the Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiasts club–it was our annual “Isle of Vashon” outing. For me, this means four ferry rides, which is good, and a trek down 99 through the strip-mall wasteland that stretches from Mukilteo to West Seattle, which is (thankfully) forgettable.
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